Three years ago on a picture perfect day in June, Megan and Mike said I do and I was so incredibly lucky to bet there and help them celebrate. You may remember their gorgeous wedding and Megan’s amazing blue eyes here. Holiday Valley is beautiful and I’ve wanted to go back ever since that day in June (this is the year for sure!). I thought it was so fun and unique in the background of their photos!

This beautiful and sweet couple is now a family of 3! Those beautiful blue eyes are now shared by the cutest little guy!! Right now his style comes all from his mama and she sure knows what she’s doing!! You all looked incredible and the along the Canal was the perfect spot!! We worked fast because although we got lucky to catch some snow falling (pure magic), we also picked one of the coldest days this winter! Before we all froze we were able to get some great shots I hope you’re sweet family will love as much as I do.

Thank you guys for reaching out, it was a gift to work with you again and get to catch up on life. I am so so happy for you all and your cutie couldn’t be any more precious! Can’t wait to see you all again in the spring!!

Hugs - Tressa :)