Here’s the thing. I am not a naturally organized person. I was the queen of messy rooms growing up, my desk could hide a small rodent in it’s mess, and I have more than a few times come to dinner time and realized I’m missing crucial items.

This is why I thrive on systems. I discovered during my first big job out of college that I really needed to step it up. When left to just wing it, I would fail.

Since then I have come up with several systems for my life that keep this train on the track.

Photos. They are important y’all! If there was some sort of catastrophe and you lost your facebook account and your phone, would you have your photos backed up somewhere?

Are you looking at past photos at times other then when they come up on timehop?

My plan for organizing photos, backing them up, then printing them is all about creating habits around your photos that you can sustain throughout your kids childhood. Imagine getting to their 18th birthday and having an organized stack of prints for them to choose from before they leave home. Having yearly videos of them growing up. A coffeetable book for each year. This is the goal!

If you are interested in this system, head to my email list! I will have a course coming out this summer to get you on track. In the meantime, start by organizing your camera roll into folders. (I have a blog post to get you started.)

Does this matter to you? Do you want a photo system for your life?

february,lake crescent
chloe lavender,february
february,lake crescent
chloe lavender,lake crescent
chloe lavender,february