I feel so strongly about the importance of printing your photos and albums are the best way to do that! I am so excited about this new company I am working with and can’t wait to put your photos in these gorgeous albums.

I will bring samples along to all sessions this summer for you to look through and touch. I can also put together an album for all past sessions as well. The process is so simple from your end, just “favorite” the photos in your gallery and I do the rest. You will get to customize and proof the album before it gets printed. These start at $260 which is such a great price for a family heirloom.

I chatted recently on my Instagram stories about how the heirlooms I have to pass to my kids are photos. I will have albums and prints for them as they grow and I already know they appreicate them. At least 3 times a week they are grabbing these from the bookshelf to paw through.

Customization options include Linen and Leather covers, thin or thick pages, and embossing on the cover.

If you are a past client that would like to get started on your heirloom album head to your gallery to favorite your photos then shoot me an email! If your gallery isn’t live anymore I can reload it at no charge.