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Hey there! I'm here today to share more tips for getting the best detail shots on your wedding day! One of the details that can often get forgotten on the wedding day is the invitation suite. As it is not something worn by the bride or groom or set up somewhere on the day of, inviation suites are often forgotten.

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My best tip for making sure this doesn't happen on your wedding day? Create a box to keep all your details together! This will make it so easy for you once the wedding day arrives. You can toss in an extra set (or two!) of your invitation suite and any other stationery pieces such as save the date cards before the big day to make sure it's ready to go for your photographer when they arrive.

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Want to help create a cohesive look for your invitaion photos? Ask your florist to pack some loose florals/greenery and some extra ribbon for you. This can be delivered to the bridal suite along with the bouquets and helps your photographer style your details with extra touches that tie the whole day together.

detail photos,wedding details
detail photos,wedding planning

Details like the invitation suite help to more fully and beautifully tell the whole story of your wedding day. For more tips to help you plan your wedding day be sure to check out our other Wedding Wednesday blog posts!

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Shout out to the the invitation suite designers and printers featured here today:


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