Hello, dear friends!

Happy 2021! My fall season of 2020 was met with many families eager to get out of the house and capture some FUN memories in an otherwise shaky year - who could blame them?! I’m excited to be back on the blog now and share some of the beauty with you!

You may remember Jen & Niels from previous posts as we celebrated their courthouse wedding & then began the New Life Collection! Catch up on their maternity photos & in-home newborn photos, and enjoy seeing baby Bryce grow with these 6-month-old photos aaand 1-year-old photos coming soon! Yes, that’s right, he just turned 1 year old this month, and I can hardly believe it’s already been a year since this little guy was born. I know Jen & Niels can’t believe it either!

We took these photos in July 2020, and we met at the gorgeous Gene Stroud Rose Garden Park near their home since they’d been spending a lot of time outdoors on their greenway trails & at local parks recently. It was the perfect backdrop & I hope you’ll agree that the morning light was just perfect. Enjoy!

Jen & Niels - 6-month-old Baby Bryce

Chapel Hill Baby Photography

Gene Stroud Rose Garden Park - Bolin Creek Trail

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Baby Photography,gene stroud rose garden park,Chapel Hill
Raleigh Baby Photography,Baby Photography,baby looking at flowers,gene stroud rose garden park
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How sweet are these momma son moments?!

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Raleigh Baby Photography,baby photos in garden,mom holding baby
gene stroud rose garden park,Raleigh Baby Photography
Raleigh,Baby Photos,mom nuzzling baby's cheek
 NC,gene stroud rose garden park

Oh my goodness, and this next one with Bryce & his daddy <3 These are the moments they will always be thankful to have captured.

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 NC,gene stroud rose garden park,family photos white shirts
6 Month Old baby,dad nuzzling baby
Raleigh Baby Photography,gene stroud rose garden park,dad kissing babys cheek,chapel hill baby photography

We decided to do some reading in the garden!

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Bolin Creek Trail,baby photos in garden
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Raleigh Baby Photography,Chapel Hill
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Niels is from the Netherlands, so they brought a bilingual book. It was really cool to hear him reading in Dutch! (Yes, families really read while we take these photos!)

Baby Photos,baby chewing on book,6 month old baby,baby sitting with parents
Bolin Creek Trail,Raleigh Family Photography,baby reading in garden
garden baby photos, NC,parents kissing babys head

Gotta get some photos of baby by himself! What a strong baby in tummy time, pushing up like a champ & smiling at his parents :) My son hated tummy time for quite a while!

Bolin Creek Trail, NC,6 month old baby,baby serious face
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Raleigh,Baby Photography,baby smiling in tummy time
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Still can’t get over the beautiful morning light in the garden!

garden baby photos, NC,mom smiling with baby,mom baby smiling

SO SWEET! Bryce’s smile is the best!

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Baby Photography,Raleigh
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Wow, aren’t these photos so special to have?! It is such an honor to capture these moments and help moms & dads savor them for a lifetime.

And - I am so excited to design an heirloom photo album for Jen & Niels soon! With the New Life Collection, families receive prints with each session AND an album after the 1-year session that showcases baby’s growth across the year by featuring favorite photos from each session - maternity, newborn, 6-month, & 1-year. Since we just had his 1-year session, I’m excited to bring the photos together and design a beautiful keepsake for them!

Are you expecting a little one soon? The New Life Collection is the perfect way to savor these first moments together, forever! Send me a message so I can tell you more!

Already have a bouncing baby or a busy toddler? You might know better than anyone that these moments are fleeting. I get it - I have a 16-month-old myself, and I don’t know where the time has gone. Let me create a seamless experience for you to capture this moment in time and always remember your baby's sweet smiles or toddler's cute little wobbly walk.