Hey friends!

If you’re like me, you think the beach is amazing any time of the year, but add in a cute baby & the sweetest family? Somehow it just got better!

You may remember Haley & Michael from their maternity session at the beginning of last year. They welcomed sweet baby James in April (poor buddy is a pandemic baby!), and they're thankful to have had lots of family time, staying safe & healthy at home.

This past fall, the stars aligned and Haley’s whole immediate family (parents & 4 siblings) were all able to get off work and get negative COVID tests in order to enjoy some time at the beach together! It was the very first time Haley’s parents were able to hold James and spend time with him in person without keeping distance - and that is so, so precious.

We scheduled James’s 6-month session while they were in the Outer Banks, and when you scroll to see the photos, you’ll understand why! We had the most perfect evening together, and we captured these sweet memories with Haley, Michael, and James, and also with the rest of their family.

Enjoy the photos, and let me know if you’d like to run away to the beach together for some photos!

Haley & Michael

James's 6 month Photo Session in the Outer Banks

Raleigh Baby & Family Photographer

Canon 5D Mark IV,outer banks family photo session
Raleigh baby photography,Canon 5D Mark IV
baby photos on the beach,Light Creative

Some super sweet breastfeeding photos for mom & son <3 It’s so common to have trouble nursing, and I love capturing these special times when the going is easy.

Light Creative,raleigh family Photography
baby photos on the beach,Raleigh
Raleigh,Raleigh newborn photographer
Raleigh baby photographer,triangle photographer
Raleigh newborn photographer,Light Creative
Raleigh baby photography,baby milestone photo session
Raleigh nc,Light Creative
raleigh family Photography,Raleigh newborn photographer

So many babies like to show off in front of my camera… James sat independently for the longest time in his life here during our session!

Raleigh newborn photographer
Raleigh Family Photographer,Light Creative
Raleigh newborn photography,Raleigh baby photography

How cute is this little 6-month-old?! He wasn’t too sure what to think of the sand...

Raleigh nc,baby photos on the beach
Raleigh baby photographer,raleigh family Photography
baby photos on the beach,Raleigh
triangle photographer,baby photos on the beach
Raleigh,Raleigh newborn photographer

Here are a few photos with more of the family!

baby photos on the beach
raleigh family Photography,triangle photographer
outer banks family photo session,Raleigh Family Photographer
Canon 5D Mark IV,Raleigh baby photography
Light Creative,Raleigh newborn photography
Light Creative,Raleigh newborn photography
Raleigh newborn photographer,raleigh family Photography
Light Creative,baby milestone photo session
outer banks family photo session,baby milestone photo session
baby photos on the beach,Raleigh baby photography
Raleigh Family Photographer,Raleigh
Raleigh baby photography,Raleigh newborn photographer

Some favorite moments from the whole session right here:

outer banks family photo session,raleigh family Photography
Raleigh baby photography,Canon 5D Mark IV
Raleigh newborn photography,Raleigh Family Photographer
Raleigh newborn photographer
Canon 5D Mark IV,triangle photographer
Raleigh newborn photographer,Raleigh newborn photography
outer banks family photo session,Raleigh Family Photographer
Raleigh baby photographer,Raleigh newborn photographer

Ah, they’re just so super sweet! I love how you can see their joy & love just radiating through these moments captured <3

And - I need to show you some of the ways Haley and Michael are enjoying these moments in their home! They ordered a gallery image and prints with their order, so they see these photos every day in their entry way, in their living room, on a nightstand… And let me say, they always decorate their home with different kinds of beautiful artwork, but not typically large personal photos of family. After saying they probably wouldn’t get a gallery image, they got a gallery image. AND, same for her parents and their home! Beautiful artwork on their walls, but no family photos. They decided to add a large framed photo to their dining room area, so they’ll get to see it constantly and be reminded of all the love their family shares <3 Photos make the best kind of personal artwork.

baby photos on the beach,Canon 5D Mark IV
triangle photographer,Raleigh newborn photographer
Raleigh baby photography,baby photos on the beach
Canon 5D Mark IV,Raleigh nc
Raleigh baby photography,Raleigh newborn photographer

Thank you, Haley & Michael, for trusting me with these sweet moments - so excited to go through photos from James’s 1-year session (which we just captured yesterday)!

And thank you, as well, for joining us here today! If you’d like to see another cute baby, don’t miss Dom’s winter 1-year-old session in the most beatiful golden light!

Is your family expecting a little one soon? Or maybe they’ve already joined you, and you’re due for some photos that capture all the joy and love in your family? Let’s create custom artwork together so you can enjoy these moments forever.