Congratulations! You have found your ideal Philadelphiawedding photographer, now let’s talk about your engagement shoot.

Here I will share with you a few thoughts and valuable tips that will not only make the process of planning for your engagement shoot easy but also a lot of fun. You may be somewhat anxious about stepping before the camera, and that is OK! A LOT of people’s only time being in front of the camera professionally was for their Senior High School pictures. It is my job and pleasure to get you both feeling calm and relaxed while providing ample direction as needed. Breathe a sigh of relief, I got you!

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Why should I even consider having an engagement shoot?

Firstly and most importantly, the engagement shoot gives you an opportunity to get more acquainted with your photographer. It gives your photographer a chance to get to know you both and learn more about your story as a couple. The shoot is a decent preview to what it is going to be like on your Wedding day, and how your portraits will go, but a lot more relaxed and a ton more fun, as we will have no timeline to adhere to.

You figure out how to get settled before the camera and it'sa chance to capture this time in your relationship. If it helps, including a bottle or two of champagne is never a bad idea. 😉 At the end of the day, you would have just had a lot of fun, being yourselves, living your story as a couple and have memories to cherish forever.

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What can I do with my engagement photos?

• Use them for Save The Date cards

• As awesome decor at your wedding – Wall art works as awesome décor additions for your gift table and reception venue, and then you ca take them back home to adore your walls

• Make a guest sign in book with them for your wedding

• Holiday/Thank You Cards

• Make a postage stamp for your RSVP's, pre-wedding parties, or whatever else wedding related.

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When Should I Take Engagement Photos?

There's no wrong response for this one. What kind of vibe do you need for your photographs? Winter? Spring? Fall? Summer? That may help you choose.

• When you hire your photographer

• Before you want to mail out your save the dates

• 4-6 Months before the wedding

Location-Location-Location? Where Should I Take My Engagement Photos?

My first preference is always to ask my couples about a location that might mean something to them. Their favorite date spot, favorite bar, a place related to their favorite activity together, could be anything. I have even had couples choosing to do an entire session at their own apartment, playing chess, their favorite way to spend time with each other, and boy, was that my favorite session or what?

I always guide my couples to help them come to a decision as well. Here are a few questions to pose to yourself to help you out with that.

• Where did you go on your first date? Does a particular date night stick out in your memory?

• What’s your favorite date-night activity? Do you have a hobby that you love doing together? This could be anything from working out together to playing on the X-Box!

• Prefer to spend time outdoors or more like in the city?

Fundamentally, I'd like your photographs to have a type of nostalgic inclination to them. It's not difficult to go to a lovely place and make epic photographs, and that is absolutely OK in case you're feeling stuck on deciding a location. In any case, if we can somehow personalize these memories by adding a small personal detail, that’s even more awesome. Making memories that you will love always while making them personal enough to tell your unique story is what we thrive for.

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What Do I Wear For My Engagement Photos?

You know your body in a way better than anybody else. What fits you well. What doesn't fit you right. Also, in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea, your life partner most likely does. 😉 Ultimately, the objective is you need to feel good with what you're wearing and most importantly feel comfortable. Express your own style. So, here are a couple of more tips to consider. I've incorporated a collection of photographs from genuine individuals such as yourselves to assist with some visual inspiration.

Know The Location – Comfort is always the primary concern, but at the same time your outfit should suit your surroundings. While I love to create contrast in my images, most times it is just best to wear something that will be justified by the location. Outdoorsy vs classy night out on the town – there is a look for every scene possible; a jeans and boots combo vs a tux and gown kind of look.

Compliment, But Don't Be Matchy – You want to balance your look with your partner’s, but definitely doesn’t need to be matching at all. When she wears an elegant dress, best to match that with a formal look of a blazer and a button down shirt. And if you go casual, it is best to avoid any logos and prints that might be too busy and distracting. You don’t need to match colors, but being on the same color palate always looks good.

Color Tones, Solids, and Layering – Neutral tones and Pastels photograph great and also pair well. A little splash of a bright & vibrant color is also encouraged. Layering solids for fall/spring/winter engagement shoots is also a smart move depending on the temperature outside. While layering however, be cautious that the look doesn't seem to be excessively cumbersome and bulky. Layering could be a simple shirt with a sweater and scarf. I'd avoid layers on warm days.

Stick To 1-2 Outfits – This could be a combination of one casual look creating a contrast with a classy spruced up formal look. One bold look in combination with casual looks create a great collection of images. Additionally, you won’t have to worry yourself with attempting to plan and afterward haul around 3 or more outfits.

Utilize The Season – For winter and fall, don't be hesitant to layer (see above) and bundle up with a scarf or something different but warm. For Summer and Spring, locate some splendid tones, hit the sea shore and go shoeless, wear a maxi dress and decorate it with your fav jewelry. On the topic of being at the beach, I for one, imagine that it's one of the only places that suits guys to be in shorts when taking engagement photos.

Try not to Be Afraid Of Being Bold – A pop of bright, vibrant color for your dress or maybe a piece of jewelry making a statement, can add a genuine wow factor to your photographs. You get 2 outfits so why not be bold for one?


Would it be a good idea for me to Bring Anything?

My saying is keep it simple, yet on the off chance that there's anything significant in your life that implies something to you, I'd recommend including it! This could be –

• Your dog. Or then again Cat. Or then again Horse.

• Something relatable to you, your taste and your Hobbies/Interests. For instance: Love sports? Bring your favorite team memorabilia. Shooting at the beach or a park? Bring a picnic set. This literally could be anything or nothing at all.

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One Last Pro Tip – Ladies, one insider tip, if possible, schedule your hair & makeup trial for the day of your shoot, and you will also be able to see how it looks in photos – a double winner! Gentlemen, on the off chance that you have a blemish on your face, or maybe you may have packs under your eyes, concealer will be your closest friend. No, genuinely. Just ask your partner to add a little touch up if need be.

Well there you have it my engaged and soon to be engaged friends! I sincerely hope this helps you out – even if a little bit – so that you can start planning your engagement session.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer.

- Abhi