The year 2020 changed all of our lives in so many ways with Covid-19. Because of all the changes, our society evolved. If we had to define one word for Humanity in 2020, it would be Adaptation. We all had to learn how to Adapt to the restrictions made in order to keep us safe.

For brides, this meant they had to make a choice. Either postpone your wedding until any form of Normalcy returns, or make some changes so you can get married your way, now.

For Kelsee and Colton, marriage was not just something you can delay. God put Kelsee in Colton's life for a reason. Colton would continue to stay day after day in Quincy in the early stages of their relationship just to continue to invest in this relationship for a reason. Nothing was going to delay this day.

Thanks to Brandy Foote and Gilded Lace Events, she transformed her own home into an absolutely stunning wedding venue. Just look at that alter! We will never forget the first look Kelsee had with her Step Father, Jacob. The second he turned around, all of those childhood memories came roaring back to Kelsee. The tears and emotions overtook her. I don't think there was a single dry eye during the ceremony as well. The vows they shared were so touching and intimate, Brett was of course crying into his viewfinder.

One of the biggest obstacles for a backyard wedding his finding the perfect location for those evening portraits. Kelsee's parents live right across the street from John Wood College in Quincy, Illinois, which blessed us with absolutely breathtaking fields. There could not be a better way to end this day then with that beautiful sunset.

One of the things we won't forget from Kelsee & Colton's wedding is their love and selfless acts. After their wedding was over, Kelsee noticed that during dinner, we were so busy setting up equipment for their dances that we had not eaten. The entire family surrounded us and made sure we were loved and well taken care of. We absolutely loved every single minute we spent with you all on your wedding day.

Kelsee & Colton's touching testimony to us:

"Before our wedding day, we were so worried that our wedding day was going to be like everyone elses. Nothing unique, just look here and smile. Joanna and Brett showed us just how unique our story is! They asked so many questions, they got to know us on such a deep level. They were real with us, they were themselves and that helped us be confident in who we are. We absolutely love the memories you captured for us and we love you both so much!