It was supposed to be super cold, it was supposed to be dumping snow, it was a big risk to be not nice out but as a fire fighter, Nolan has a crazy schedule and it was really the perfect day to do it. I am so glad we did. So it was a little cold, yes, but the snow was falling so beautifully and because of the forcast, we had all of Larimer Square to ourselves, actually we had the whole downtown to ourselves. It was so peaceful out. The glow of the lights gave the evening a nice warmth and it felt like a perfect date night out. In fact, it inspired me to go on a date myself.

This is what and engagement session should be. You should be able to go on a date with your fiancé, enjoy the time together and see that love captured. Ally and Nolan are the best. They didn’t care a bit about the cold, they were all smiles the whole time. I am serioulsy so happy I met them and even more thrilled to photograph their wedding. I can’t wait til September at Spruce Mountain Ranch!