It was so refreshing to see the Maloney family this morning. These guys have been around since before their wedding and they just keep getting better and better. First of all, they are the strongest family I have ever met. They deal with everything that life throws at them with such grace and joy. Second of all, they are a great deal of fun. We headed up to Lookout Mountain to get some good old Colorado outdoors. It was a little colder with a blistering wind, but they all took it like champs. It is also a proof of the photos you can get when you know the family a little better. I left thinking they are so easy!

Unfortunately, Steven will be leaving for deployment with the National Guard in a few days. I was so glad that we got this session in before he left. We are greatful for his service and I know his family will miss him. Kim, will continue to be the awesome mom and lady she is and hold down the fort. I can’t wait to see them again when he gets back!