photographer mom, family of four

If there is one thing I am passionate about it is family. Whether it is my own family or seeing the joy and love of someone elses family, there is nothing better than those bonds and the unique memories made and shared. This is why I love family photography so much. As a mom of two, I know how quickly life changes, kids change and how precious memories are. So I love to capture them whenever I can.

The best way for me to capture your family is if I get to know you. It is also only fair if you get to know me a little too. So here is a quick run down both practical and ridiculous.

  • I am married to the perfect man and have two awesome little boys Wolfgang and Moses
  • I am a Colorado native.
  • I love all things sweet except cake, I don’t really care for cake.
  • I have a terrible sense of humor. Only I think I am funny.
  • I love everything Colorado has to offer, nature makes my heart happy.
  • I love traveling to anywhere and my favorite place to go is somewhere new.
  • I love to cook. I make a mean salmon and have perfected scrambled eggs.
  • My goal every day is to make someone smile and their life a little better. If I can do that then I have succeeded in life.
  • I want my boys to think I am interesting. So I strive to learn new things, try new things and explore the world around me with wonder.

There is obviously more, but that should get you started. I hope you now will introduce yourself to me. I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

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