Shannon and Mitch could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. Blue skies with fluffly white clouds, warm sunshine and fall colors, crisp Rocky Mountain air, all the charm and beauty that comes with the historic Stanley Hotel, that view, and love that you could feel radiating from the bride and groom. These two were like teenagers in love, giddy and excited, full of contagious energy, and all smiles all day long.

Shannon’s high-low dress was perfect for exploring and dancing around the property. Her bouquet filled with purple flowers that matched Mitch’s tie added a sweet detail and pop of color. Mitch’s no-jacket look was exaclty what the day called for. It was all a perfect blend of easy and elegant.

Their intimate ceremony in a lovely white pavilion set the stage for their future together. Sweet, full of laughs, and centered on how strong they are as a team. The way they look at each other tells you everything.

All the best in the years to come, Shannon and Mitch. Brittany and the Wanderlight team wish you health and happiness.

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