Trixie and Mike weren’t going to let a little thing like covid hold them back from getting married and celebrating with their closest friends and family. After two times of re imagining their wedding, they finally got married at St. Thomas More Catholic Church. All six of each of their children were their bridal party and they were so proud to be such a big part of the wedding.

After making it official, they traveled in style over to Chatfield for photos. The wild brush was bright yellow(Trixie’s favorite color) and the sun was perched perfectly over the foothills near Roxborough. After wandering the fields, we ventured back to their home in Parker to a feast and good drink. Trixie had a special grooms cake made to honor his love for hunting. You’ll have to scroll and see photos for yourself what it is! Thank you Trixie and Mike for trusting me and sharing your day with Brooke and I! -Ryan